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Εleftherohoriou Castle


The castle Eleftherohoriou Paramithias is close to the Egnatian way, on a steep hill. It was built during Ottoman rule by the Ali Pasha of Ioannina in the beginning of the 19th century. Its location was important since it had control over the wider area of Souli and was a passage towards this area. Since ancient times, this was the only passage from the great plain of Kokitos (affluent of Acherontas) to the sea.

Close to the Egnatian way, north east of Paramithia, is Eleftherohoriou castle, which is in ruins nowadays. Its maintenance lasted until 1912, when it was abandoned. During Ottoman rule the most important cities were Pramithia, Filiates and Margariti.
The castle is located on a steep hill 720m high, where there have been many Palaeolithic findings. It is 41m long and 29m wide, had two exterior square towers, on the right and left sides of the northern gate, two rows of embrasures, arched shelters and rooms for the guards. It is one of the few castles built by Ali Pasha in the beginning of the 19th century, in his attempt to establish himself strategically. The location of this small castle was important since it had control over the area and was a passage towards it.


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