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The Castle of Tepelenë


The Castle of Tepelenë, was entitled Cultural Monument of first category in1963 and is situated on the North of the city of Tepelene, Municipality of Tepelene. Its geographic position used to protect the castle. According to historical resources, the castle was invisioned from Ali Pasha Tepelena itself, who had supervized the first stages of construction of this pearl of the region. The existing castle was rebuilt from him in 1819 with a surface of 4-5 ha, with three entrances and three towers. Until 1820 it used to function as the second residence of Ali Pasha Tepelena. The walls of the castle are attached to the natural shape of the ground and do not consist of a regular geometrical form. Except of the three polygonal towers that are settled on the main curves of walls, to better control the latest often there were used right angle exit. The Castle has three gates, one of which (the eastern) bears the inscription “The gate of Vezir”.

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