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The castle of Gjirokastra


The castle of Gjirokastra, entitled Cultural Monument of first category in 1948, is situated in the city of Gjirokastra which is part of Worldwide Cultural Heritage UNESCO. The castle is built on a rock that has the shape of a herringbone and prevails the city with its height. It has a messy and prolonged plan, protected by seven towers that are of polygonal and trapezoidal shape and is crossed by 4 entrances, of which 3 are main entrances and the other one is secondary. The Northern entrance is protected on its right wing from the described tower and the wall next to it, which is equipped with multiple turrets for fireguns, while the gate is considered monumental.
The South Gate is less protected, though it is considered monumental and even carefully crafted. The third main gate, called “The Gate of Vezir” is situated opposite to the southern gate on the other side of the castle. Concerning its architectural framework it is considered as the two other entrances.
It is a fortification that occupies a mediating place between the fortified city and the castle. The castle has several construction stages. Few conducted archaeological excavations have discovered the fact that the first wall dates back to the 4th century BC, while it was expanded during the medieval period. Only few traces are saved from the medieval castle of Gjirokastra just before its conquest by Ali Pasha, as the walls are wrapped from new constructions, while towers are partially ruined and new adapted.

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